Final 156

image I was inspired by Corita Kents Hope piece. The letters were backwards and the picture used vibrant colors. I chose embroidery because I’ve never done it and wanted to try the styles out. The quotes at the bottom were also inspired by Corita Kent, in her pieces she used quotes so I used some love inspired quotes on my piece.


Art 156 Exhibit report

The exhibit was a wonderful surprise to me. I went to the exhibit with no idea what to expect. However, I found Corita Kents artwork very intriguing. I really loved the way she made her art about important historic movements, the war, and social issues occurring at the time. She made all of her pieces with very vibrant colors so they popped out. It was almost in your face, which I think she did on purpose. I interpreted it as her way of showing that all these issues and things happening were very important and should be in your face and apparent. So much change and things were happening I think this was her way of speaking out on them and making her point that people need to pay attention to what was happening. Also that these social changes weren’t subtle they were huge. My response to her work is that I want to actually make a statement with my final project. Maybe I could incorporate some type of important concept into my final or I can make a big statement piece. I also liked her use of color so I might try to use colors that pop as Corita Kent did.